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Athletic Procedures

Hamilton Southeastern High School expects its student-athletes to have such attributes as dedication, self-sacrifice, and the sincere desire to be the best athletes possible, 365 days of the year. Student athletes should have pride, show character, and build tradition. All of those involved with any part of the athletic program should conduct themselves in a manner which sets an example for the younger people in our community. They should have a thorough understanding of the rules, regulations, requirements, and standards which make up our athletic program. Participation in athletics is a privilege.  The responsibilities of the student-athletes are greater than those of other students.
Information regarding the NCAA college athlete eligibility guidelines can be found at: https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/
Absence from School
Athletes must attend three full periods of the regular school day to participate in practice, athletic contests, or attend an awards program scheduled for that day. If extenuating school or family circumstances result in a student’s failure to be present the required four complete periods an exception can be made. Reasons that may be considered would include: HHS approved college visitations, HHS field trips, medical emergencies, and funerals. If an athlete is suspended from school for any reason including in-school suspension, they are not eligible to participate during that suspension. Additionally, upon return to school, an athletic suspension may be imposed.
A student cannot be 20 years of age prior to or on the scheduled date of the IHSAA State Finals in their particular sport.
The athlete cannot have: participated under an assumed name; accepted money or merchandise directly, or indirectly for athletic participation; accepted awards, gifts, or honors from colleges or their alumni; signed a professional contract.
Athlete Defined
A student is considered an athlete for one year (365 days) from the time they submit a completed IHSAA Physical Form to the Athletic Office. When a student submits an IHSAA Physical, they are declaring their intentions of being an athlete for another full year. When a student is considered to be an athlete, they will be held accountable for the rules, guidelines, and policies of this handbook. Consequences for violating club/ academic team rules do not take the place of athletic consequences for teams sanctioned by the IHSAA.
Conduct and Character
The athlete must not bring discredit upon the school, or a disruptive influence on the discipline, good order, morale or educational environment of the school. A more detailed listing of rules established by Hamilton Southeastern High School can be found in the table of rules and consequences in the athletic section.
The athlete must be fully enrolled, as defined in the Curricula section, no later than the 15th day of the current semester.
The athletes must meet IHSAA academic standards and be passing at least 70 percent subjects for the preceding grading period. Semester grades take precedence over those from a nine-week grading period. At the nine weeks, athletes enrolled in credit recovery courses must have 50% work completed and passing in order to count towards eligibility. 
IHSAA Eligibility Rules
Hamilton Southeastern High School is a member of the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA).  We are required to abide by the rules it has set to govern high school athletics. This is a general summary of some of the rules which most often affect high school athletes. A more detailed account of IHSAA rules can be accessed at www.ihsaa.org .
Illness and Injury
The athlete must present written verification from a physician stating that they are physically fit to participate after being absent five or more consecutive days. Per the IHSAAA bylaw, “Return to Competition After Injury,” an athlete missing 5-10 daays is required to attend 4 practices before returning to competition. If more than 10 consecutive practices are missed, the athlete must attend 6 practices before returning to competition.
School Transfers
An athletic transfer from their prior school must be completed through the Athletic Director’s office of Hamilton Southeastern High School before any type of athletic participation.  The athlete must not have transferred from a school to HHS for athletic purposes as a result of undue influence or persuasion by any person or group.
Team Awards Programs
The award program is an extension of the athletic season and all athletes are expected to attend. Student athletes are expected to communicate an absence from the awards program with the head coach.
One Sport per Season
In general, an athlete is allowed to participate in ONLY ONE sport during a season. Exceptions require approval of both coaches involved and the Athletic Director.
Participation, Practice & Games
The athlete must not participate as a member of any similar team, during the same season; or in an IHSAA sponsored sport not under the direct supervision of their school.
Physicals/Participation Forms
A completed IHSAA physical form (Consent and Release Certificate) must be on file with the athletic office before the athlete begins conditioning for their intended sport.  Athletes must also complete online consent forms located on the athletic website.
Quitting a Team
Once an athlete begins practice in a sport and their team membership is terminated by either the athlete, or the coach, for a reason other than being “cut” due to lack of ability - they are ineligible to practice or participate in another sport during that season. This may be appealed to the Athletic Director. An exception will require mutual consent of both coaches involved and the Athletic Director. Any athlete who quits a team may not try out for a sport of the next season until the team they quits finishes their respective season. This restriction includes pre-season conditioning as well.
Social Media & Electronic Communication
The use of social media, on or off campus, by a student that causes any substantial disruption to the academic or athletic environment may result in discipline including suspension or removal from the activity, group, leadership position, or team. 
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
If an athlete is ejected or disqualified from a contest for any unsportsmanlike conduct there will be a conference with the Athletic Director, head coach, and athlete involved. Each case will be handled on its own merits with no precedent for discipline being set by any case. 
Varsity Letters
A chenille varsity letter will be awarded to any athlete fulfilling a varsity letter requirement. Only one letter will be given during the four years.
Chenille numerals indicating the year the athlete will graduate will be given to all athletes the first time they earn a varsity letter.
Sport Emblem
An emblem symbolizing the sport for which the athlete fulfilled a varsity letter requirement will be given once in each varsity sport. Any replacements must be purchased through the Athletic Department at the athlete’s expense.
Service Bars
A bar emblem will be given each time an athlete fulfills a varsity letter requirement.
Letter Jackets
Jackets are not given as awards. Hamilton Southeastern High School-style jackets will be available through local sporting goods stores. (Store locations available from the Athletic Department)
Replacement Awards
Any replacement awards or chenille numerals must be purchased through the Athletic Department at the athlete’s expense.
1. 1st Varsity Letter:
  • Letter, Sport Emblem, & Bar
  • Certificate - recognizing a first varsity letter
2.  2nd Varsity Letter:
  • Bar
  • Certificate - recognizing a second varsity letter
3.  3rd Varsity Letter:
  • Bar
  • Award - recognizing third varsity letter
4.  4th Varsity Letter:
  • Bar
  • Award - recognizing fourth varsity letter 
  • 8 Total Varsity Letters - “Senior Award”
  • An award recognizing this accomplishment
  • 12 Total Varsity Letters:
  • An award recognizing this accomplishment and recognized on the Wall of Fame 
Conference Champions
Team members for conference champions may purchase chenille patches for their particular sport. The Athletic Department will not fund these awards; these awards will be funded by the athlete or the program.
IHSAA Sectional Team Champions
Each team member will receive a 6" chenille patch in the shape of the State of Indiana. Inscribed will be “IHSAA SECTIONAL CHAMPION.” These awards are funded by the athletic department. Individual sectional champions, or their associated program, may choose to purchase their own award recognizing this accomplishment.
IHSAA Regional Team Champions
Each team member will receive a 6" chenille patch in the shape of the State of Indiana. Inscribed will be “IHSAA SECTIONAL & REGIONAL CHAMPION.” These awards are funded by the athletic department. Individual regional champions, or their associated program, may choose to purchase their own award recognizing this accomplishment.
IHSAA Semi-State Team Champions
Each team member will receive a 6" chenille patch in the shape of the State of Indiana. Inscribed will be “IHSAA Sectional, Regional, & Semi-State Champions.” These awards are funded by the athletic department. Individual semi-state champions, or their associated program, may choose to purchase their own award recognizing this accomplishment.
IHSAA State Finalists & Champions
Each team member, or individual winner/qualifier, will receive a 6" chenille patch in the shape of the State of Indiana. Inscribed will be “IHSAA State Champions,” “IHSAA State Finalist,”
Any team that is an IHSAA “State Champion,” or “Runner-up,” will have the opportunity to purchase the ring the IHSAA offers to those groups. The same holds true for an individual “Champion,” or “Runner-Up.”  Individually, an athlete must be in the top two places in the “State Meet.” These awards will be funded by the athlete or the program.
Hall of Fame
Hamilton Southeastern High School recognizes student athletes who have received state recognition by being an Indiana All-Star 1st Team, All-State Player 1st Team, and/or individual IHSAA State Finalist or other criteria as determined by the athletic department. Individuals who earn 12 Varsity letters in IHSAA sports and/or varsity cheerleading will qualify for the Hall of Fame.
Removal from the Hall of Fame
Hamilton Southeastern High School reserves the right to not recognize, or remove a person from the “Hall of Fame” if the qualifying member has committed an act to reflect discredit upon HHS. In the event an underclassman qualifies for the “Hall of Fame,” they must remain a member of that team through their senior season. If they do not participate in that sport through their senior season, they may be removed from the “Hall of Fame.”
Individual letter requirements will be determined by the sport’s head coach and communicated to the student at the beginning of the sport season. An athlete must complete the season in good standing.
Student Managers
If a student is a manager for a varsity athletic team, the varsity coach will determine the requirement for earning a varsity letter.
Auxiliary Personnel
Auxiliary personnel include people who work with the team primarily at games only. These participants will not qualify for awards through the Athletic Department. They will be recognized by their respective team and its coaching staff.
Definitions, Explanations, & Penalties
The following descriptions of terms, definitions, and explanations of the rules and penalties are established for the athletes of Hamilton Southeastern High School:
This is a period of time when the athlete’s conduct is carefully supervised. It is the result of a violation of one of Fishers athletic rules. If an athlete is found to be in violation of an athletic rule while on probation, they will suffer the greater of the two penalties.
Number of Athletic Probations
An athlete cannot be placed on probation more than two times during their high school career. If they are found in violation of an offense resulting in a third probation, they will not be allowed to participate in any type of athletics for the remainder of the high school career. When an HHS student is considered to be an athlete they will be held accountable for the rules and guidelines of this handbook. (See Athlete Defined)
Individual Team Rules
Each head coach will furnish their athletes with team specific rules and/or regulations at the beginning of the season which apply to that sport.
Nutritional Supplements
Hamilton Southeastern High School does not encourage or endorse the use of any type of nutritional supplement. The use of products such as protein supplements, amino acid supplements, creatine, weight gain and/or loss products, etc. is a decision to be made by the student/athlete and their parents/guardians. Due to the potential health risks associated with the usage of nutritional supplements, this decision should be made in consultation with a physician.
Satisfactorily Completing a Season
Those athletes assessed a penalty which would carry over to another season must “SATISFACTORILY COMPLETE” the season they are in. To fulfill this requirement, the athlete must satisfy all of the coach’s requirements which are expected of the other team members.
Suspension for a Percent of a Season
1. Suspension for One Season (100%)
  • If an athlete is excluded from 10 scheduled games and the season consists of 20 games, then 50% of the penalty has been satisfied. The remaining 50% must come from the next season they satisfactorily complete.
2. Suspension for Less than One Season (example: 50%)
  • If an athlete is excluded for one scheduled game and the season consists of 10 games, then 10% of the penalty has been satisfied. The remaining 40% must come from the next season they satisfactorily complete.


Hamilton Southeastern Schools allows flexibility in developing curriculum and scheduling options adapted to the needs and in the best interests of individual students.
Hamilton Southeastern Schools requires students to earn two (2) credits of physical education to be eligible for graduation.  Waiver procedures for these requirements will be administered by the building principal, pursuant to the following guidelines.  PE credits acquired through the waiver process shall receive a grade from the Department Chairperson for the purpose of GPA.
Hamilton Southeastern Schools offers an alternative option for freshman, sophomore, and junior students to earn one of the two physical education credits.  Students participating in HHS sports recognized by IHSAA, along with cheerleading, dance, and marching band, and those participating in non-HHS sports are eligible for this option.  Students will need to complete two components to earn the physical education credit – coach’s form, and four quizzes.  A student can apply for the opportunity by visiting the HHS website.
Any freshman, sophomore, or junior student who has not participated in the Alternative Physical Education Credit may take one credit of Physical Education through Indiana Online Academy (www.indianaonlineacademy.org).  The student will pay the cost of the course, and the high school will recognize the course for physical education credit.
The remaining required Physical Education credit must be earned by participating in a high school physical education class during the school year or a summer school class held at either Hamilton Southeastern High School or Hamilton Southeastern High School.
A student who has been granted a waiver from the first physical education credit and who is participating or training at least five days a week and who has demonstrated elite status beyond HSE Schools and State of Indiana (regional, National, or International levels), may qualify for a waiver from the remaining physical education requirement.  Verification documentation from two outside sources is required.  The student must document participation and complete the requirements for PE II (second physical education course) through the Indiana Online Academy.  The student will pay any cost associated with the course and the high school will recognize the course for physical education credit.

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