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Activities and Clubs

HSE High School has a very large listing of activities and clubs available for all students.  We have compiled a list of all activities as well as their descriptions in the guide below:

HSE High School Activities and Clubs Guide

ASL Club                                                
Sponsor:  Karen Colvin
We do activities to promote deaf awareness, practice our signing, fundraise for the Indiana School for the Deaf, and develop relationships with the deaf in our community.
Academic Team                                     Sponsors:  Sandy Riley, John Drodz
This team has many different possibilities for students to show their knowledge in a team competition format, and consists of Quiz Bowl, Spell Bowl, and Super Bowl.  Further, Super Bowl consists of teams of major disciplines (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Fine Arts).
Appreciation Club                                 Sponsors:  Katie Anderson, Nicole Mathews
The goal is to show appreciation to students and faculty members through thoughtful gestures and hand-crafted gifts.  The club meets monthly, and during these meetings students work on a craft project to honor either teachers, secretaries, administration, cafeteria workers, janitors, instructional assistants, or students.  Also, we have service projects every other month during which we either donate our time or raise money to support a cause or group of individuals.
Aspiring Medical Students                       Sponsors:  Alan Richardson, Chris Swisher
This club is meant to expose students to the world of medicine in a fun and engaging way that doesn't just include doctors but lawyers, vetenarians and more while also promoting classes offered at HSEHS.

Baking Club                                           Sponsor:  Cynthia Ziemba
Baking enthusiasts come together to learn, practice, refine their culinary skills.  
Best Buddies High School                   Sponsor: Morgan Rumple, Barb Onufrock 
Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Black Student Union                            Sponsor: Jagga Rent
Our purpose is to educate and celebrate the black culture.  We unify HSE student body through expression and appreciation of African American culture.
Board Game Club                                Sponsors:  Adam Mitschelen, Megan Ewing
Bring students together to play board and card games with like-minded gamers.
Book Club                                            Sponsor:  Karin Foster
Join others to talk about books, share and swap books, watch a movie based on a book and more!  Stop by and check it out!
Bowling                                                Sponsor:  Andrea McAlister
We meet at Pinheads two times per week for practice and competitions.
Bring Change To Mind                        Sponsors:  Leslie Caliz, Brooke Lawson
Create awareness, educate, and have a voice in regards to mental health and suicide prevention.

Budgeting Bliss                                     Sponsor:  Kari Richardson
Help students make their own budgets and learn how to manage monthly spendings.  Also, closet clean outs to donate clothing to those in need.

Campus Life                                          Sponsors:  Traci Batuyong, Nick Fishel
This group will give students an opportunity to come socialize and learn about Christ in a non-threatening environment who may not feel comfrotable attending church.

Chess Club                                          Sponsors:  Curry Harden, Peter Salvadori
To learn about chess; to improve our skill level and to compete competitively.
Code For Change                                Sponsor:  Julie Alano
Select a charity/non-profit organization and use students skills in computer science to help aide the charity.
Crafting For Kids                                Sponsor:  Kim Bakle
Create DIY crafts for children at Riley!
Creative Writing                                 Sponsor:  Haylea Quaranta
All students with a common interest of all genres of writing fiction, poetry, narrative, biography, theater, screenplays, etc., and who want to share their creative talents and ideas with others.

DND                                                       Sponsor:  Jennifer Regelski
Fellow players will play and learn teamwork, inclusiveness, logical reasoning.

DECA                                                   Sponsors:  Kristin Lidstrom, Adam Broughton, Shawn Crull, Kari Richardson
Competitive club for high school business students.  DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, in marketing, finance hospitality and management, to be career and college ready.

Destination Imagination                    Sponsor:  Kristy Seitz
We are a creative problem solving academic team that competes in the regional, state and global communities.  It involves problem solving, creativity and teamwork to solve 6 internationally published challenges.  Students from their own teams up to 7 members and compete in both a central challenge and an instant challenge.

Disney Club                                         Sponsor:  Jamie Follis
Give students who love Disney a group to belong to and share their love.  Also do philanthropic endeavors with Riley and Make a Wish.

Drama Club                                        Sponsor:  Mary Armstrong
Drama Club sponsors the fall play and spring musical. Its purpose is to expose students to theatre and its working.  It also strives to help students develop a sense of responsibility, self-worth, and confidence by teaching students acting, technical, and life skills.

Euchre Club                                       Sponsor:  Lindsay Mahan
The purpose is to start a club where people who enjoy playing Euchre or hae an interest in playing can come together every week and have a good time meeting new people.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes     Sponsor:  Steve Guenin
An interdenominational Christian organization, open to all students, not just athletes, who want to join together in fellowship. The group meets every week for games, snacks, singing, and Bible study.  For more information, please contact Mr. Guenin and at (317) 594‐4190. 

FFA                                                     Sponsors:  Tom Younts, Caroline Kuhn
FFA provides opportunities for students in leadership, personal growth, and career success.  Focusing on leadership, students can compete in various contests, volunteer their time and efforts to benefit the community, and hold numerous leadership roles within the chapter and throughout the state.

Friendship Bracelet Club                 Sponsor:  Kelli Hanes
To promote making bracelets and friendship.

Gay/Straight Alliance                       Sponsor:  Shawn Porter, Dana Simmons, Emily Hoff
Provide a place for LGBTQS folks to hang out, talk about current issues, etc.

Global Change for Charity                   Sponsor:  Kim Bakle
To fulfill the vision of spreading awareness and widely distributing knowledge about global issues; raise money for charities that are deeply trying to move forward in solving or supporting a global crisis/prevention.  Each month we will support a new theme.  We will pick between two researched charities and spend the remainder of the month spreading awareness, raising moneyand running events that support the charity.

GOP                                                   Sponsor:  Dottie Beegle, Heather Templin, Miriam Jones
Encourage diverse students to create leadership skills, engage in civil discourse and share and promote republican ideas and candidates.
HSE Democrats                                Sponsor:  Brenda Barrett
The Democrat club is a student led organization that is open to all students who want to discuss current events, volunteer for local campaigns, engage with guest speakers, register voters and give back to the community.  Meetings will be in J221 monthly/bi-monthly.   
HSE RDM                                          Sponsor:  Liz Trinkle
HSEDM will plan and implement various fundraising activities to earn money for Riley Hospital leading up to the Dance Marathon in March!

HSE Share The Music                         Sponsor:  Zach Tschiniak
Volunteer and play at events such as nursing homes to share our passion for music.

HSE Students for Shelter Animals     Sponsor:  Megan Ewing
The club will raise awareness about animal rescue, raise funds, collect donations and volunteer at an area shelter/rescue.
Habitat for Humanity                       Sponsor:  Robin Townsend, Meghan Miller
The purpose of a Habitat for Humanity (HFH) campus chapter at HSE High School is to educate students about housing needs within Hamilton County, to provide financial support for Hamilton County HFH through fundraising, to organize service opportunities allowing students to aid in the construction of homes, and to advocate for better and more affordable living conditions in our community.
Harry Potter Club                            Sponsor:  Peter Salvadori
We are a social interest club that does events and activities that focus on the magical world created in JK Rowling’s famous book series: Harry Potter. 
Hiking Club                                      Sponsor:  TBA
Meetings will take place to plan and coordinate day-long hikes to area parks and reserves.  Hikes will take place one day a month.  The club will encourage healthy and sustainable living practices.
Interact Club                                    Sponsor:  Gaye Garrett
This is a service oriented club sponsored by the Fishers Rotary Club and part of the Rotary International Organization. We offer students the opportunity to become involved in volunteer service opportunities in our school, community, and with an international focus. Members are required to participate in two service opportunities per semester as well as an ‘all club’ project during the school year. The goal of the club is to promote the Rotary ideal of “Service above Self”.

International Thespian Club          Sponsor:  Mary Armstrong
Honorary for students involved in theater.  HSE is a member of the International Thespian Society.  We received our charter 

Key Club                                          Sponsors:  Sarah Chattin & Ken Link
Key Club is the student affiliate of Kiwanis International. They are a service organization that sponsors the school blood drives, has Melanoma Awareness Week, raises funds for UNICEF’s Eliminate project and helps to feed the underserved in Hamilton County, among other projects.
Latino Student Union                     Sponsor:  Vickie Lazaga
Bring Latino students a sense of community and celebration of their culture to focus on interactions between ENL, bilingual, english speaking and exchange students.  We would like to bridge the gap between the latinos and other students within out school community.

Lifeline                                             Sponsor:  Jorja Duban
To inform and educate teens about the risk factors of developing a substance abuse disorder.  Also, the various triggers that enable it, as well as treatment options.

Make A Wish                                   Sponsor:  Jackie Purcell
In Make A Wish club, we will raise money through doing different fundraisers for children with life threatening diseases to have their wish granted.
Math Team                                       Sponsors:  Mary Carson, Christine Hamilton, Naomi Jackson
This team is composed of students who are interested in socializing with others while problemsolving.  This club sponsors mathematics competitions including Mathfax, Indiana Math League, Rose Hulman Math day, the American Mathematics Competition, and the Indiana State Math competition.  Students must be active members of Math Club in order to be eligible for Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honorary.  This club is open to any student.
Military History Club                       Sponsor:  
This club meets to analyze and discuss military history in the United States and around the world.  Students put together presentations and engage in respectful debates. The club also has an annual field trip in May.
Mock Trial Team                              Sponsor:  Janet Chandler
Team members must audition to participate in this competitive team. Mock trial participates in county, regional, state, and national competitions. Mock Trial team members encompass all four grades.  They are students who enjoy acting, public speaking, and law.
Muslim Student Association         Sponsor:  Wafa Safi-Hassan
This club is devoted to creating a sense of community for Muslim students (and friends) through service and activism, educating both Muslims and people of other faiths about the religion of Islam, and facilitating a better environment for students on campus. For more information, please contact Wafa Safi‐Hassan at wsafi@hse.k12.in.us.
National Honor Society                 Sponsors:  Amy Shipley & Jill McGrath
This is an organization that rewards students for their academic achievements and service to the community and school. In order to be a member, a student must complete an application in March of his/her sophomore or junior year. A student must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher and participated in clubs, organizations or athletics. The student’s application will be reviewed by a faculty committee and acceptance will be based on the factors of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Inductions will take place in the fall of every school year.  For more information, please contact Mrs. Shipley at (317) 594‐4190.
Necronomi                                       Sponsor:  Asa Suriano
Expand upon the gothic/horror literature class, watch scary movies, read short stories, play horror board games; explore authores such as lovecraft and Poe.

Olio Road Productions                 Sponsor:  Jamie Follis
Connect students with a passion in film and give them the training, partnerships, and outlet to create.
Paintball Club                                Sponsor:  Greg Sasser
Group of students that share an enthusiasm for the sport of paintball.
PERIOD@HSE                               Sponsor:  Jill McGrath
To educate students about period poverty while giving back to our community through donations. We will be working with the non profit organization PERIOD.

Philosophy Club                           Sponsor:  Brian Pletcher
Students will study the great philosophers, world views and religions of the world based on their own belief system. The format will encourage open discussion, Socratic dialogs, questioning, and healthy debate in order to help students understand other views and to defend and stretch their own views. For more information, please contact Mr. Pletcher at (317) 594‐4190.
Project Hope                                 Sponsor:  Patty Kulsavage
Project H.O.P.E. strives to help others prosper every day.  We help the community around us in every way possible.  This club strives to make HSE a better place every day.
Quill and Scroll                             Sponsors:  David Young & Jordan Klobusnik
Quill and Scroll International Society for high school journalists (journalism honor society)
Riley Dance Marathon                  Sponsors:  Elizabeth Trinkle, Dana Simmons, Tia McClung, Katie Sellers
Matthew Springer Memorial Riley Dance marathon (aka HSE – RDM) is a service organization dedicated to raising money for Riley Children’s Hospital in memory of our former HSE student Matthew Springer.  We do a variety of fundraisers throughout the year culminating in a dance marathon in the spring all “for the kids”.  FTK…No, you do not have to be a great dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robotics Club                                Sponsor:  Josh Gish
To promote the application of STEM through the use of robotics.  Come design, build, program and test robots using the VEX Platform. We participate in custom in‐house competitions each nine weeks and in out of house competitions as well.  No experience necessary.
Rock Climbing                               Sponsor:  Patty Kulesavage
Rock Climbing Club: Ever wanted to climb high, safely? Join the rock climbing club, where you'll learn basics about rock climbing, and learn to love the sport. We will be climbing off site, location to be determined, but will most-likely be Climb Time!
Royal Eco Club                              Sponsor:  Kacy Brobst, Wafa Safi-Hassan
Royal Eco Club is an organization that promotes environmentally‐friendly lifestyle and seeks to  educate those at HSE about current environment issues.
Royal Students for Life                  Sponsors:   Kelly Wagoner
To educate peers about the pro-life movement and help the pro-life community through support and awareness.

Royals AV Club                                 Sponsor:  Karin Foster
The purpose is to create a podcast which imforms students and teachers about topics concerning our school.  Also, this platform will be used to give students opinions on these same subjects.
Rube Goldberg Club                      Sponsor:  Robin Townsend
Create Rube Goldberg machine with multiple steps and tricks to achieve a final simple task.
Running Royals                              Sponsors:  Mary Carson, Paula Manchess
Running Royals is a group of runners, run/walkers, even walkers who want to learn to run.  It is an opportunity to participate in a social run each week at whatever level you are.  In the fall we will meet on Thursday’s after school until 4:00 p.m.; in the spring we will train for the Geist 5K, 10K, or mini and meet Tuesday and Thursday’s after school until 4 p.m.  Club dues are $10 for the year.
Ski/Snowboarding Club                 Sponsors:  Kim Beaulieu, Jerry Davis, Tish McCallister
This club travels to Perfect North ski resort 4 times during January every year for a very reasonable price.  Ski/Snowboarding is open to new and experienced skiers.
Speuchre Club                                   Sponsor:  John Drodz
Enjoy the comedic and figurative values embedded within the classic Nickelodeon cartoon, SpongeBob, square paws, while also playing the classic card game, Euchre.

Speech Team                                   Sponsors:  Bob Hinshaw
Our speech and debate team is committed to two things: helping students enjoy and succeed in the art of public speaking and persuasion, as these skills are essential in life, and to having fun while doing so!  We are a competitive in the Hoosier Crossroads Conference and can help any student who wishes to learn and develop skills to be successful in a variety of dramatic events, like poetry reading or original oratory, limited preparation speaking events, like expository and/or informative speaking, and various styles of debate, like public forum or Lincoln-Douglas debate.
Strings and Things                         Sponsor:  Karen Foster  
The purpose is to provide a place where students can learn to knit or work on projects and take a break from stressful lives.              

Student Council                              Sponsors: Caroline Emerson, Della Johnson, Hadley Moore
Student Council is an opportunity for students to be the voice of HSE, along with planning homecoming activities, volunteering, and running the annual food drive.

Student Union                                                Sponsor:  Kelsey Habig
Open to every Royal to communicate with student organizations, teacher, and administration, the Student Union strives to connect the whole HSE community through a common platform.  Ambassadors from every club, sport, academic team, and class officers meet monthly to collaborate and resource together.  Open forum meetings follow to share information with the larger student body.  Student ideas and concerns are directed to the necessary ears while information about school events is disseminated back to students.  Have an idea to make HSE better?  Come talk to us.  See something of concern?  Let us help direct you.  Get involved, and let your voice ROAR!

UNICEF                                                         Sponsor:  Elizabeth Murphy
UNICEF helps to advocate for underserved children around the world, working for more healthy lifestyles and quality education.  The club will help raise money for children in need.

Unified Royals Sports Club                        Sponsors:  Risa Petty, Marsha Lee, Jack McQuilkin
Bringing together students with exceptional needs with typical peers in a fun sports environment.

Video Game Club                                        Sponsor:  Kevin Hoover, Jennifer Regelski
Bring students together to have fun playing and competing in video games.  We will aslo explore the possibiilty of gaining college scholarships through E-Sports.

We The People                                            Sponsor:  Janet Chandler
We the People is included in an AP Government class. Team members form smaller groups to study the Constitution. Units deal with the philosophy and history behind the Constitution in addition to applications to the present day. The team competes at regional and state level. The state winner advances to a national competition.
World Connection Club                              Sponsor:  Vickie Lazaga
Open to any HSE student. Members sponsor several activities involving our foreign exchange students to welcome them to America and to also learn about their country. Our activities are fun, but also help us appreciate American culture while learning about other world cultures. Activities include our sponsorship of a South American child, participation in the Renaissance Fair, Billericay Day and trips to foreign restaurants.  For more information, please contact Mrs.Lazaga at (317) 594‐4190.
Yoga Club                                                        Sponsor:  Connie Ables-Rigsbee
To help students de-stress from school through yoga.  We will meet at Flatfork School courtyard.
Young  Life Capernaum                               Sponsor:  Sandra Riley
Capernaum is the arm of Young Life’s ministry that is specifically dedicated to serving students and young adults with special needs and physical & intellectual disabilities.  Young Life is a global, non-denominational Christian outreach ministry whose mission is to introduce adolescents to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.  Capernaum events occur once a month after school and we are run by Young Life adult volunteers and upperclassmen students who are actively involved in Young Life.  Students of all faith backgrounds – as well as their parents/guardians – are welcome.

Independent Sites

Some of our clubs have their own websites.  We have listed them below for easy reference.  Any site marked with an * are hosted off-site and are not maintained by Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Quiz Bowl Website

Math Team Website

Student Council Website

FFA Website *

Drama Club Website *

Robotics Club Website *


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