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Daily School Procedures

The Hamilton Southeastern High School Office Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the school year.  

Entering the Building: Students should always carry their school student ID cards. They should be ready to show their ID upon entering the building after the start of first period. We encourage all students to take a picture of their ID with their phone. They can show this when they enter the building as well.  


Reporting Absences
Call the attendance automated line 24 hours a day at (317) 594-4195For a detailed description of the attendance policy, please view the HSE High School Student Handbook, page 25. 


New Traffic Patterns for Pick Up and Drop Off/Student Drivers

Early Dismissals
  • Early Dismissals should be called in by 9:00 AM to the attendance line at 317-594-4195. This allows the staff adequate time to facilitate the request for dismissal.
  • Parents do not need to enter the building to sign their student out if the dismissal was called in by the required time.
  • When an immediate dismissal is required, the parent will need to come into the Main Office to have the student dismissed.
  • We do not accept email notifications for absences/dismissals.
  • Parents will need to show identification when coming in for an immediate dismissal.


Volunteers/Visitors and Background Checks 
A volunteer/visitor is anyone over 18 who is not a current student. Volunteers/Visitors must have a background check on file with the district and may complete the online registration by going to the district website. This process usually takes between three and six business days. Background checks are good for three years at any school in the district. Parents/ Volunteers/ Visitors entering the building must check in at the Main Office (Door 1 on Olio Road, West side of the building). Parents/volunteers/visitors should have their Safe Visitor badge or driver's license ready prior to check in. If you are unsure if you have a current background check on file, please reach out to Tobi Fields or call the school you are planning to visit. All parents/volunteers/visitors are expected to comply will all rules and regulations set forth by Hamilton Southeastern Schools.  


While in the Building 
Once a volunteer/visitor has been checked in, they will be escorted to and from their destination by a staff member.  


Food in the Building 
We do not allow outside restaurants to be delivered by anyone, including parents, to the building for students during school hours.  


We do not allow flowers/gifts/balloons to be delivered to students in the building. The delivery person will be turned away and the student will not receive the item(s).  


Drop off Personal Items for students 
Drop offs to the Main Office (door 1 on Olio Rd.) should be limited to emergencies only and be delivered by a parent or guardian of the student. No passes will be sent for drop offs of personal items. It is the student's responsibility to check at the Main Office.