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MAY 30– JUNE 12 

CLOSED 6/13 & 6/14 

7:30 AM – 3:30 PM 

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8:30 AM – 12:30 PM 

JUNE 24 – JUNE 27  

CLOSED 6/28 

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JULY 1 – JULY 5 


JULY 8 – JULY 11 

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JULY 15 – JULY 18 

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CLOSED 7/22  

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The Athletics Office is open on Mondays from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm  

(June 17th, June 24th, July 8th, July 16th) 


All HHS Offices will be CLOSED the week of July 1st – 5th 

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Stephanie Peterson


FRIDAY, January 19, 2024



Charron Wright

Becky Gerig

Rachael Barry

Rachel Anderson

Mr. Simmons

Mindy Henry

Abby Howe

Tamara Bove

Jennifer Low

Beth Anderson


The meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM.





Charron Wright motioned to approve the December 2023 minutes with omission of the number of Foundation HSE granted funds due to discrepancy in what was heard in meeting and number printed on handout from the Foundation and editing course book printing payout amount to reflect what was received. Beth Anderson  seconded.




$4362.50 - clarification on cost for course book printing.


Amanda Gray is resigning from the office manager position at HSEHS. Her last day will be February 6th.


Charron purchased snacks in the amount of $136.50 for WIDA (English proficiency testing for ENL students).




Rachel Anderson-


Royal Pride PTO P.O. box price will change this year. It is currently $248.

We were charged $21 for cash deposits again. Huntington Bank is still waiving some of our fees and this may even out some of the extra charges. Beth Anderson mentioned that other local banks also charge miscellaneous extra fees.


Current accounts:

Checking $16,971.22

Savings $108, 691.21


We received an additional $100 in CheddarUp donations since last meeting.


There is a negative balance in the budget for hospitality since Athletics pays us back for these purchases.


Janet Chandler would like to use Royal Pride PTO banking account for a  NIPSCO donation, who will be sponsoring some of the We The People team. NIPSCO wants to make the donation to a 501 (c) (3). Royal Pride PTO will provide a receipt to NIPSCO and pay out the donation funds to WTP.


$600 receipt for Game Day tickets was received.


Kroger rewards- $682.57 for this quarter.



Mr. Simmons-


Mr. Simmons recently went to the Apple exec training facility in Chicago with FHS Principal, Jason Urban, as well and some administrators from central office. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is being phased out. Next year begins with the Freshman class who will all be required to use school issued iPads.  They were introduced to a lot of the advancements that Apple has made. Many teachers have and use iPads currently. HSE is asking Apple to help with training on expectations on how devices will be used in the classrooms. They found there are a lot of functionality and features that can used in the classroom, including AI. One feature showed detailed parts of the brain for a possible anatomy lesson. There are features for those with disabilities. HSE is deciding how our schools want to use the devices . Mr. Simmons states the challenge will be working with the teachers on how to use these devices. Only freshman will be given an iPad for the Fall. Then after next year every grade will receive a school issued iPad. Charron asked if those that currently rent a device from the school will receive an iPad next Fall and Mr. Simmons reported he will try to find out the answer. Charron mentioned that those students that own their own device have trouble getting tech support currently. She asked if students who are upper classmen could receive the iPad also if they choose to not bring their own device. This will no  longer be a cost to parents at this point since the state took away book fees for parents. Mr. Simmons thinks it will eventually end up being cheaper for the schools to rent the iPad. The iPads will come with an attached keyboard. Students will likely get to keep them over the summer. Mindy Henry asked where the money comes from and how many devices they are planning to buy. Mr. Simmons referred these questions to central office. The loaner program will cover 2 repairs per year and comes with a rugged case.


The course fair was last night. It was a huge success and well attended. Rachel Barry suggested NHS students help guide parents around the building. She helped many parents who were asking where to go. Beth Anderson felt that it was more spread out and felt like a better experience since it was not so crowded in one space. Last year was only held in Leonard and CCA. This year it was spread out to other spaces including cafeterias. Abby Howe mentioned she would like to see clubs be there to represent themselves. Mr. Simmons is hoping the remodel of the building will expand these spaces, similar to a career center. Some conversations have mentioned using the Marsh on 116th  as a career center. 


FHSHS has not had the 8th graders come for the course fair or have a printed course guide, but they are now considering doing it like HSEHS and have a printed course guide and invite the 8th graders to the course fair.


Royal Connections will be held on Feb 1 and 2 for 8th graders from the district that are going to attend HSEHS to come to the building. They receive t-shirts and go on tours.


Scheduling for next year begins on Monday with rising juniors. Abby asking if parents are involved during the school allotted scheduling time.


HSEHS is hosting girls basketball sectionals this year. The Sectional draw is this Sunday.


Ford Next Generation Envision Day 2 is Feb 6. Portrait of a Graduate brochure will be released soon. Looking for volunteers and input for tactic teams for this endeavor. Again, this is going to be a transformation of how we do K-12 school.


Interviews for office manager begin today. They have several internal and external candidates already. Hoping to have this position filled by Feb 2 when Amanda Gray transitions out.


The new Registrar, Pam Groote, begins next week.


Bailey Meyer is the new treasurer and just started Tuesday of this week. She has an accounting degree and is excited to be here.


Algebra II teacher, Mrs. Kulsavage, has taken a leave and that position has now been posted as a temporary position. Currently a sub is filling this position. The position is posting today.


Feb 23 is the Foundation Game Day fundraiser.  Mr Simmons cannot do the pop a shot now since he has a schedule conflict. Mr. Simmons will find someone to take his place.


Mr. Simmons asking about his Staff Development budget of $3500. PTO has already deposited this amount in his account for him to use throughout the year. 622 is the account number on bottom of the check. PLC training will be in Columbus, Ohio in March for assistant principals. The conference budget has been reduced so he would like to use this SD money from the PTO. Rachel Anderson also suggests using a requisition if Mr. Simmons needs further funding.


Charron asked Mr. Simmons if we should add WIDA snacks (English proficiency testing for ENL students) to our budget. Rachel Anderson suggested we may want to change the line items to “testing snacks” vs specific PSAT/SAT etc. For ILEARN Biology Erica Colins is the contact for questions regarding snacks.


Choice Day - Choice Day was new last year and was set up by HSE Schools to have both high schools alternate each year between in school Choice Day and an external Day of Service. Last year FHS had a Day of Service and HSEHS had Choice Day. This year, HSEHS was supposed to host Day of Service and FHS was supposed to host Choice Day. Unfortunately, FHSHS already had a Day of Service on their calendar for this year so instead of HSEHS hosting a Day of Service as planned we are now going to do Choice Day again. HSEHS is encouraging their students to work on their passion projects if they have one. HSE schools cannot have two high schools doing a day of service because that would be too many students out in the public looking for volunteer opportunities. Discussion was held by the meeting attendees about the negative social media publicity in regards to HSEHS doing Choice Day over a Day of Service as many people did not understand that it was supposed to be rotating between the high schools each year. Freshman will not do Choice Day and now they will be testing. April 26th is Choice Day/Day of Service.



HSEHS is not currently managing their own website. The district manages the websites. FHS had graduation information listed on their website, but HSEHS didn’t. Mr. Simmons reached out to Central Office about this discrepancy. Karen Bush is working with Central Office now regarding graduation information and details to be listed.


Attendees of today’s meeting discussed their opinions that FHS gets “better”/more publicity due to HSEHS not getting to choose priority over FHS at times. Some examples provided were FHS having a Day of Service two years in a row, HSEHS having to handle negative feedback regarding the new finals schedule this year when it was actually changed because of FHS, signs around downtown Fishers promoting FHS accolades and not mentioning HSEHS accomplishments, etc. Mr. Simmons appreciated the input. Emily Abbotts is HSE Schools PR person. A parent suggested that parents may need to reach out to Central Office with complaints of FHS getting more publicity.



Superintendent interviews have been completed. There is an upcoming executive board session and the board will either debate on a decision and/or decide on the new Superintendent. Hoping to have a decision by Feb 14th.  There were 10 applicants that were narrowed down to 5 interviews, and now to two finalists.


Two HSEHS teachers got a Toshiba grant for $2000 each.





Charron Wright-


Charron purchased items at the Fan Stand and got donations from Royals Varsity Club and Athletics for the PTO basket. Our basket includes ~$700 worth of items. Senior Perks Package includes - all sports pass, prom tickets, yearbook, parking pass, preferred seating at graduation. In the past the Principals used to use their budget for this. Now PTO will use their own budget. Tickets will be delivered a week before the event. We give the school 2 tickets to Game Day.




We the People - $350 per student with 20 students going to Nationals in the Spring. Asking PTO for total of $7000.  Abby Howe asked if we are comfortable using the majority of our budget on this. Charron and Rachel Anderson stated we have plenty in our savings if needed. Charron motioned to approve request for full $7000 and Beth Anderson seconded. Unanimous vote.


Mock Trial - $350 per student with 8 students going to Nationals. Asking PTO for a total $2800. Mock Trial is held in July 2024. Charron motioned to approve this requisition and Beth Anderson seconded. Unanimous vote.




Rachael Barry-


The custodians asked if they could do a special project for PTO concessions. Custodians used to clean concessions floor as part of their regular duties, but have not since 2020. Rachael Barry asked the custodians if they could clean the floor as the special project, but they did not clean the floors until the day before an athletic event and they left concession stand items in the hallway and some of the items were stolen. Rachael Barry had to load the entire stand back up just prior to the event. Unfortunately, the custodians did this the next day as well and left all items in hallway again. Rachael does not know how to know calculate how much was stolen.


The band asked to use the concession stand on March 2, 2024 and asked for popcorn, oil, and salt to be donated by the PTO for a winter guard competition which is a large event.


Rachel Barry would like to purchase a freezer for basketball concessions as she used to use the cafeteria freezers, but now there are locks on those freezers. Someone changed the locks on the baseball stand also. She cannot get the pretzels in those freezers in baseball stand now. She estimated the new freezer will cost between $600-700. She also needs to buy a microwave for basketball because the one in that stand died.


Donkey Basketball will be held on January 26, 2024. The FFA Club wants to sell pork burgers. They get $500 for working concessions in addition to the pork burger income.


Tonight - HSE boys and girls varsity basketball games. Pep Band will be playing.


Lacrosse starts March 11.





Becky Gerig-


February 16 - dessert cart planned, volunteers needed. Mindy Henry mentioned that Catholics will be fasting from sweets on that day. Becky to contact the school and determine a Plan B.


PTO missing cart was found. Now we have 4 carts again.



Next Royal Pride PTO meeting February 23, 2004.



Mindy Daugherty - not present



January 26, 2024. See notes attached.



Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM.



SAC Meeting Notes

January 16, 2024


Foundation - Justin Hirnisey

•   Game Day is about 5 weeks away

•   Will take place at Hub & Spoke

•   Thank you to the PTOs for sponsoring Game Day with auction baskets and tickets purchased

•   Baskets should be returned unwrapped so we can make sure all contents are there and we sometimes break large baskets into a few smaller ones

•   About 1.5 weeks before Game Day, tickets will be delivered to the schools


What Do You Need? - Dr. Kegley

•   Dr. Kegley asked what we, as PTOs, need from the SAC Meetings. He wants to make sure our needs are being met and it’s not just a “sit and get” meeting where we are just given information that someone else deems important.

•   Dr. Kegely had us count off by 3’s and we broke into small groups to brainstorm what agenda topics we want covered and what the format of these meetings should look like. Here is the feedback from the 3 groups:

•   We’d like Q&A time at the end of each meeting, maybe 10-15 mins.

•   We’d like some follow-up from “parking lot questions” from the previous meeting

•   We’d like a heads up to significant changes and we’d like updates on safety and YMI

•   We prefer an open forum with discussion time, but having an agenda is good

•   We’d like the SAC meetings to serve as a sounding board to help clarify issues and answer questions that we have

•   We’d like to meet more often and/or maybe for longer. Maybe we have PTO Breakouts during the off months, similar to how the PTO Forum meetings used to be (PTO Forum meetings were not run by the Superintendent, they were run by a PTO member, but all school PTOs were invited).

•   We’d like to be able to meet (as PTOs) at Central Office. Dr. Kegley said he can make that happen. Andrea Frawley agreed to take charge of the PTO Forum type meetings and will work with Dr. Kegley to get them scheduled.

•   We want to discuss the Handbook and the process of Handbooks a bit more. Make sure PTOs are involved in helping to identify what need looked at for next year and what changes are working well/not working well. It would also be helpful to point out any major changes to the Handbook for the upcoming school year.

•   Any updates on the Superintendent search? Dr. Kegley did not comment on this.

•   We’d like routine updates on building construction/renovation projects across the district.

•   We’d like time to discuss PTO-specific needs/questions




GPS (Graduates Prepared to Succeed) Dashboard - Dr. Kegley

•   This info can be found on all our school websites, but we looked at Brooks School Elementary as our example.

•   There is an IDOE GPS link on the main page of the school website. This is a state site for the Indiana Department of Education. This link will give parents a quick snapshot of what is going on at that particular school.

•   There is also a School Performance Report link on the main page of each school’s website. This link will give parents a quick snapshot of GPS. One statistic that was discussed was attendance. As Dr. Kegley mentioned in his video update from last week, the state, and our district, are looking at chronic absenteeism.

•   Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing more than 10% of school days. Since we attend 180 days of school, you are chronically absent if you miss more than 18 days of school.

•   Brooks School Elem reports their attendance as 74.1%. On this particular report, this means that 74.1% of the BSE students are NOT chronically absent. Note that this data is not real-time. It is last year’s data.

•   This is not the same as “attendance rate” that we often look at. Attendance rate is the percentage of kids that are at school every day.



Library Removal Procedure - Dr. Kegley

•   On January 1st a new state law went into effect for removing a book from a school library.

•   A book can be challenged because it is considered obscene or harmful to minors.

•   HSE Schools has had a book challenge form in place for a long time, but now there is Indiana Code attached to it.

•   You have to be a parent of a student in the district or live in the district to challenge a book in our schools.

•   The process works like this: The book challenge is sent to the building Principal. He/she then sends it to Central Office. The committee has 30 days to make a determination. The decision is sent to the person who filed the challenge. If that person disagrees with the committee’s decision, an appeal is sent to the School Board. If the decision is to remove the book, it will be removed from the entire district, not just that one school. However, the book may be deemed appropriate for older grades and therefore may be removed from all elementary schools, but stay in the intermediate, junior highs and high schools.



Science Textbook Adoptions K-6 - Danielle Fetters Thompson

•   Science Textbook Adoption Process:

•   Teacher/parent committee identified (parents are chosen by the Principal; please let the Principal know if you have subject matter expertise (i.e. you are a Chemist)

•   Science textbook caravan, December 14, 2023

•   Teachers identified units/standards for pilot

•   Committee convenes twice during the pilot

•   Teacher feedback/communication

•   Parent feedback/communication

•   Recommendation to the Board of Trustees, twice

•   Ordering of materials for 2024-2025

•   Implementation

•   Shooting to present selection to the School Board at the March Work Session and present for approval at the April Board Meeting

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